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The Polaroid SX-70 process and cameras have been around for 40 years. The images in this gallery are not computer manipulated; they are instamatic pictures and the film emulsion can be manipulated with pencils, keys or any ither object that can push the film emulsion around before it hardens. After the desired effect has been achieved, the image is scanned. It can then be printed onto any number of mediums. Todd has been a Sun Valley photographer for a long time and his experience and experimentation with these effects have led to beautiful compositions. Todd choses to print most of his Polaroids on canvas, which enhances the painterly effect that Todd pre-visualizes before an image is manipulated.

These Canvas prints are also known as Giclee Prints; they are very archival and are often framed without glass because of its archival properties.

Since buying his first SX-70 camera in the fall of '04 Todd has seen a dramatic change in the way he sees everyday scenes. He's not your average Sun Valley photographer: he's enriched his photographic experiences, taking it in a new direction he has continued to shoot his outdoor recreation and scenic images with more traditional cameras.

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